Dec 29, 2009

New: Musicload & Eventim Cooperation

In the end of 2009 Musicload & Eventim teamed up for the ticket distribution. From now on Musicload sells tickets at

There is a new main navigation link "Events & Tickets" and someday all available tickets will be linked to the download shop of every artist.

I always ask myself why well known shops like Musicload have so much advertisement on the homepage, even for goat cheese. Does this mean that the normal shopper does not really use the homepage and goes straight to download? Or do they need every paid impression/click because the download business is not going well? Which would be an interesting business model to run quite considerable media campaigns in tv & print to sell the costly (media conversion) traffic for some impressions on your homepage? Anyway it is not easy theses days if you intend to earn money in selling albums, without hardware (apple) or crosselling (amazon)...

Internetword News >here
Eventim News >here

Nov 6, 2009

New: iTunes & team play in artist promotion

Bremen - it took some time but now we are ready to officially announce our team play with iTunes Germany. In the future iTunes and will promote special artists in close collaboration. Customers who are interested in album and ticket will be offered special promotion packages which will provide either exclusive tracks, rare tickets or special prices. This is a great opportunity for all Artists and Customers.
Background of the cooperation is the awareness, that the live show is becoming more and more important for the artist. The album itself mutates into a commercial for the tour, so a good album is a good tour support. So remember support your Band and buy a ticket, don't climb over fences!
By the way Tokio Hotel Tickets >here

Press Release on

EVENTIM showcases new marketing opportunities for promoters
Europe’s biggest ticketing portal partners with iTunes / Promotion for downloads and tickets / Successful launch with Tokio Hotel

Hamburg, 05 November 2009 –, the Internet portal operated by CTS EVENTIM AG, will provide concert promoters with new marketing opportunities for the future.

In partnership with iTunes Store, EVENTIM is combining the promotion for albums and tickets, while also launching some attractive promotion activities for music fans.
Downloading an exclusive version of the favourite band’s new album to one’s own PC, Mac, iPod or iPhone, discovering the music immediately after album release and being the first to get a ticket for a concert on the forthcoming tour – fans of Tokio Hotel are elated about the new promotion campaign at All those who pre-ordered the newly released Tokio Hotel album ‘Humanoid’ through the iTunes Store will also be receiving one of the much-craved ticket codes. Only with such a ticket code can fans of the band order up to four tickets online and conveniently at before official box office sales begin for the upcoming Tokio Hotel tour. The Tokio Hotel campaign is being promoted at both the and iTunes Store websites.
“Concert promoters and record labels have been working closely together for many years in joint efforts to boost the popularity of their artists. Our service is tailored precisely to such cooperation”, explains Malte Blumenthal, Vice President New Media at CTS EVENTIM AG. “We are inviting every promoter and record label to experiment with these new marketing opportunities and to reach out to new target groups. We’re open to every idea”, says Malte Blumenthal. More joint activities by EVENTIM and iTunes are planned for the months ahead.

CTS EVENTIM AG, listed in the SDAX index (ISIN DE 0005470306), is Europe’s market leader in the ticketing field and one of the leading providers of Live Entertainment. More than 70 million tickets for well over 100,000 events are sold annually using systems developed and marketed by the EVENTIM Group. In addition to more than 8,000 stationary box offices throughout Europe, sales via the Internet and especially via the and portals are gaining increasing importance.

For further information contact:
Engel & Zimmermann AG, Business Communication Agency Hermann Zimmermann, Dr. Alexander Baer Tel. +49 89 8935-633

Nov 5, 2009

New: Ticketshop launched

Berlin - some months after the announcement in July 2009, the German myspace ticketshop was launched. The shop is based on the EVENTIM partnershop module, and offers primary and second market tickets. We are very happy that the exclusive presale ticket of the German MELT! Festival 2010 is part of the launch.

I always dreamed of a shop with friends like Whitney Houston, U2, Pink, AC/DC, well to be honest maybe not Whitney Houston, so lets go shopping with our friends... myspace ticketshop >here

German news on EVENTIM blog:

Eventim-Tickets gibt es ab sofort auch bei MySpace

Hamburg (nk) – Die im Juli beschlossene Kooperation zwischen der CTS EVENTIM AG, Europas Marktführer im Ticketing, und MySpace, der weltweit größten Musikplattform, geht in die erste Runde. Ab sofort können Myspace-User direkt unter die Original-Tickets für Ihre Lieblingsbands kaufen.

Zusätzlich wurde auch die Secondary-Ticketing-Plattform mit im Shop integriert. MySpace-Nutzer können somit nicht nur Tickets aus dem Eventim-Angebot kaufen, sondern auch Tickets erwerben, die andere MySpace-User weiterverkaufen möchten. Der Start des Myspace-Ticketshops wird durch gemeinsame Promotionaktionen begleitet. So bieten Eventim und MySpace auf ihren Websites derzeit exklusiv vergünstigte Tickets für das Melt! Festival 2010 in Gräfenhainichen an.

Malte Blumenthal, Vice President New Media bei Eventim: „Mit dem Launch des eventim-Ticketshops starten wir die Kooperation mit MySpace. Die User können nun sicher und unkompliziert Ihre Original-Tickets über den Ticketshop und die Ticketbörse kaufen.“

In einer nächsten Phase wird der Ticketshop durch ein Band- und ein Fan-Widget erweitert. Bands und Veranstalter erhalten dann die Möglichkeit, den Ticketverkauf mittels Widget direkt in ihr eigenes MySpace-Profil zu integrieren. Mit der Kooperation treibt Eventim seinen Anspruch, Tickets für alle Events anzubieten – auch im für die MySpace-User besonders attraktiven Szene- und Clubkonzert-Umfeld – weiter voran.

Sep 6, 2009

New: Eventim Tourbus a Mobile Application for Nokia Ovi Maps Service

Berlin - Right after my holidays the first EVENTIM Mobile Application was completed. This Eventim Application for the mobile Ovi Service by Nokia was presented at the Nokia World 09. The Tourbus shows tours on the maps, so fans can follow the band and check every gig and venue of the tour. The EVENTIM Tourbus application lets fans get closer to the events, tour and music of their favourite bands. The application is one of the Top 13 chosen showcases which will go with the upcoming Ovi Launch to the end of the year.
Press Release of Nokia >here
The application was being developed by More details will be available as soon as the first public version of the application will be launched.

Aug 9, 2009

New: Arne Friedrich Hertha BSC virtual signature session

Hamburg - this week we announced a new virtual signature session with Arne Friedrich from Hertha BSC on Arne Friedrich is a German football defender, who plays for Hertha BSC and the German national team. This is the first time we have a sports signature session. We are very happy that even some Sport Stars use this tool, this helps to promote the complete portfolio of eventim. The real autograph session will start on Monday the 9th's of August, at 16 o'clock.

The Arne Friedrich virtual signature video introduction & email alert >here

Some older complete virtual sessions >here
The virtual autograph session was developed by the Internet service agency >

Jul 30, 2009

New: Wacken open Air 09 Livestreaming Part II

Bremen - The Wacken open air festival has already started, everybody who was using the northern Germany public transportation, could experience black haired, heavy leather fitted, from 15 to 50 years old, dangerous looking fans. All with one very common attribute: very nice and handsome people!

Still there are some very convincing advantages to choose the Livestreaming: tickets sold out, swine flu, heavy rain! So enjoy today's running order at our virtual stage (14:00h UPDATE):
11.00 Napalm Death
11.40 Vreid
13.20 Endstille
14.00 Scarred
14.15 Gamma Ray
15.15 Showase ETHS
15.30 Walls of Jericho
16:45 Nevermore
18.25 Callejon
18.55 Bring me to the Horizon
19.35 Hammerfall
20.30 Coheed and Cambria
21.30 Nervecell
21.55 Silence means Death
22.25 Insidious Disease
23.15 Epica
00.15 Tristania
00.45 Doro
02:00 Amon Amarthh
If you don't want to buy a ticket straight away, there is 15min preview for free.

To everybody who will read my blog (the crowd is well arranged) I have a nice highlight, some true Livestreaming Ticket Code. Please notice the codes will be invalid, once there are used, so the early metallhead gets it:
- X2ZM8974
- U9ZRV9Y1

> Livestraming Tickets/Codes are available at via print@home tickets >here
> The entrance and registration to the Livestreaming >here

Jul 28, 2009

New: Wacken open Air 09 Livestreaming

Hamburg: The true heavy livestreaming starts tomorrow, the 30th of July until 2nd of August 2009. For 3 days the worldfamous German heavy metal festival Wacken will be broadcasted on the internet.
Like last year the streaming will be from the early morning into the night for 3 days, you can meet people online, chat, dance, watch in fullscreen and even vote the bands. The video and especially audio quality of the streaming will be state of the art. To watch the Wacken livestreaming user will need a ticket. There are 1-day-tickets starting at 5,90€ and a full access ticket for 15,90€.

This service is a cooperation between, and rockalarm. Some of the bands which will be broadcasted within the next 3 days:
- Schandmaul
- D:A:D
- Der W
- Running Wild
- Lacuna Coil
- Friday: Suidakra
- Vreid, Endstille
- Walls of Jericho
- Nevermore
- Callejon
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Coheed & Cambria
- Doro
- Hammerfall
- Amon Amarth
- Napalm Death
- Heaven Shall Burn
- Axel Rudi Pell
- Volbeat
- Saxon
- Gwar
- Subway To Sally
This was not an easy project so enjoy the metal!

> All other informations & tickets at eventim >here
> The streaming will be presented by >here
> Update: Our Partners Website couldn't stand the traffic, so our Team created a new entrance to the streaming >here

Jul 26, 2009

New: Virtual signature session with Jennifer Rostock

Hamburg - this week we announced a new virtual signature session with Jennifer Rostock on > Jennifer is a great artist which is really open minded, she really knows how to use the internet. This time we even have a nice intro from Jennifer. The real autograph session will start on Wednesday the 29th's of August.

Jennifer Rostock virtual signature introduction & email alert >here

Our virtual signature is a good case to describe what is happening within the music industry, while some artists, especially managers, describe the tool as honour-less and nonsense, other artists used it to distribute up to 10,000 autographs to fans. It is really not easy to introduce new formats into this industry. An area where creativity and inventions should be daily practice acts unfortunately only within the very old business cases of the existing management. Neverthelesss we are really happy that slowly more & more artists are becoming open minded to new formats.

Some older complete virtual sessions >here

The virtual autograph session was developed by the Internet service agency >

Jul 17, 2009

Oasis livestream directly from Melt! festival

On Sunday, July 19 the Oasis gig on the Melt! 2009 will be broadcasted live on the internet where it starts at 11pm on , , and The technical implementation is carried out by Eventim and Tempodome who take care that the internet audience can witness the show in best quality. The news of the band's confirmation to play on the festival has boosted the ticket sales so that it has been sold out for the first time! Those who don't belong to the happy ticket owners can now virtually be with the fans on site. The good cooperation between Melt! together with Eventim and Tempodome has made this possible, the confirmation for the live streaming came only a couple of days before the event but the partners have activated everything so the broadcast can start smoothly.

> Go to Oasis Livestream, 19th of July, 23h - 2h Here!

German press release, Pressemitteilung:
Oasis live bei

Headliner des ausverkauften Melt! Festivals live im Internet / kostenloses interakti-ves Livestreaming am Sonntag ab 23 Uhr bei

München, 17. Juli 2009 – CTS EVENTIM, Europas Marktführer im Ticketing, präsentiert auf exklusiv den Auftritt der englischen Mega-Band Oasis auf der Fer-ropolis-Bühne beim ausverkauften Melt! Festival in Sachsen. In Kooperation mit dem Magazin Intro und mit als technischem Dienstleister wird das Konzert des Festival-Headliners am Sonntag ab 23 Uhr als interaktives Livestreaming auf im Internet übertragen.

Tickets für das Melt! Festival gibt es schon lange nicht mehr – nun können die Fans zu-mindest vor dem Rechner in bester Qualität miterleben, was ein Oasis-Konzert aus-macht: Britpop-Hymnen für die Ewigkeit, Liams Gallaghers unvergleichliche Mikrohal-tung, Noel Gallaghers konzentriertes Gitarrenspiel und vor allem: ein völlig durchdrehen-des Publikum. Auf gibt es weitere Informationen. Die Übertra-gung des Konzerts wird exklusiv im Internet stattfinden, eine Fernsehübertragung ist nicht vorgesehen.

Möglich wird dieses besondere online-Erlebnis durch die spontane Kooperation zwischen EVENTIM, dem Melt! Festival und dem Magazin Intro als Präsentator. „Oasis live im In-ternet ist ein exklusives Erlebnis, das wir den Besuchern von bieten können. Wir danken im Namen aller Fans der Band, den Machern des Melt! Festivals und Intro für diese Möglichkeit“, so Malte Blumenthal, Vice President New Media bei Eventim.

Die im SDAX notierte CTS EVENTIM AG (ISIN DE 0005470306) ist Europas Marktführer beim Ticketing und zugleich einer der führenden Anbieter von Live-Entertainment. Über Systeme der EVENTIM-Gruppe werden jähr-lich mehr als 70 Mio. Tickets für weit über 100.000 Veranstaltungen vermarktet. Neben den europaweit mehr als 8.000 stationären Vorverkaufspunkten gewinnt der Vertrieb über das Internet immer mehr an Bedeutung, insbe-sondere über die Portale und

Für weitere Informationen:
Engel & Zimmermann AG, Agentur für Wirtschaftskommunikation
Dr. Alexander Baer, Björn Zaksek Tel. (0 89) 89 35 63 3

Jul 16, 2009

New: 30 Video message of DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER

The countdown is on! 30 days before the big anniversary show presents daily new video messages from the Fantastischen Vier, including popular surprise guests, on its welcome page. On Saturday, July 25, 2009 the band, together with a symphony orchestra of 80 musicians, celebrates its 20 years anniversay with a gigantic concert at the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart. To raise the anticipation of the fans Michi Beck, Smudo,And-Ypsilon and Thomas D recorded 30 video messages in which they count the days to the event and from which one message per day is posted on

To have a look go >here

Jul 12, 2009

CTS EVENTIM AG - Hamburg, Germany Office

Eventim's New Media Department moved to Hamburg's Hanseviertel, Hohe Bleichen 11, Germany.

Größere Kartenansicht
Only a few months ago and the smell of fresh paint still hangs in the air. The team has been feeling at ease from the first moment in the classy premises. Surrounded by a stylish interior there are currently 30 people working in big bright offices. This office is a glassy workplace in a very positive way: Walls of glass allow the view through the whole level, so communication between the colleagues is easy.
Equipped with modern technology it leaves nothing to be desired. Out of the glassy elevators and through the impressive atrium you walk only a few minutes to Gänsemarkt, Jungfernstieg or Axel-Springer-Platz. The location couldn't be better: Hamburg central stations to be reached within 10 minutes, the airport within 30 minutes, the city center just around the corner and the Binnenalster lends itself to lunch in the sun.

Eventim is currently recruiting some interesting positions like a Shop Manager E-Commerce and Abteilungsleiter Finanzen. For Details please have a look at the post.

Jul 9, 2009

Jobs: Eventim New Media is recruiting online professionals

Hamburg - Currently we are looking for two new team members, within the wondeful New Media Department in Hamburg, Germany. Any well experienced professional is very welcome.

1. Shop Manager E-Commerce/Online Shop (m/w), PDF Download
2. Abteilungsleiter Finanzen Neue Medien (m/w), PDF Download

Please send applications to

Jul 6, 2009

New: virtual signature session @

Hamburg - some months ago, our service unit developed the virtual signature session, in the meantime this format is becoming quite popular. Please check out our new one: the German band Selig, they are just great. Sorry for the loading time, it is a small staging server. I updated the staging server with some new sessions from La Fee and Jeniffer Rostock.

> virtual signature session Jennifer Rostock
> virtual signature session Selig
> virtual signature session La Fee

Of course you should not miss the concerts - get the tickets at

Jul 5, 2009

New: Club Blog @

Hamburg - we just released our new club & live entertainment blog on

Marc, Inga, Helge and sometimes me - I just don't make it into the clubs... -, will tell quite a lot about the German club scene and hopefully help to sell some more tickets. Any club band is welcome to be promoted on our brand new blog.
Within the next weeks the internet service unit will develop quite a lot of features.

News: & MySpace Cooperation

Hamburg - This week we announced the German cooperation between & myspace. Since we got very good feedback, we are very positive that new cooperations with some German promoters will start in autum.

Interview Star FM:

German press release, Pressemitteilung:

MySpace setzt auf Ticketing mit CTS EVENTIM / Fans, Veranstalter und Bands können künftig auf MySpace direkt EVENTIM Tickets kaufen und anbieten / Erste Kooperation dieser Art weltweit.

München, 02. Juli 2009 – CTS EVENTIM, Europas Marktführer im Ticketing, und MySpace, die weltweit größte Musikplattform, kooperieren in Sachen Ticketing. Dabei werden der Ticketshop und die Ticketbörse direkt auf der MySpace Plattform den Nutzern zu Verfügung gestellt.

MySpace kann so dem hochaffinen Musikpublikum Veranstaltungen, Tickets und Informationen zu jährlich mehr als 100.000 Events wie Konzerte, Festivals, Theatervorstellungen, Partys, Musicals, Sportveranstaltungen etc. anbieten. Zugleich können Bands und Veranstalter die direkte Interaktion mit den Besuchern ihrer MySpace-Seite weiter ausbauen und ihnen gleich "vor Ort" Tickets für ihre Events zum Kauf anbieten.

Für den Verkauf der Eintrittskarten müssen Veranstalter und Bands nur ein einfaches Ticketing-Widget auf ihrem MySpace-Profil integrieren. Der Besucher des Profils wird darüber automatisch zu den Ticketangeboten des Profilinhabers geleitet. Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, im veranstaltungs- und künstlerübergreifenden "MySpace Ticketshop" nach Tickets zu stöbern und diese dort zu kaufen. Sollte eine Veranstaltung bereits ausverkauft sein, können hier auch Sekundärtickets angeboten und gekauft werden.

Mit der Kooperation unterstreicht Eventim seinen Anspruch, Tickets für alle Events anzubieten - auch im Szene- und Clubkonzert-Umfeld, wo die MySpace Nutzer besonders aktiv sind. Für die Zukunft sind auch exklusive Kooperationen mit Veranstaltern sowie zusätzliche Funktionalitäten für das MySpace-Ticketing-Widget geplant.

Malte Blumenthal, Vice President New Media bei EVENTIM: “Die besondere Kompetenz von EVENTIM beweisen wir nicht nur durch den erfolgreichen Relaunch von und unsere Internationalisierung, sondern auch durch zeitgemäße neue online-Kooperationen, für die unsere neue MySpace Partnerschaft besonders beispielhaft ist”.

Die Kooperation von MySpace Deutschland mit CTS EVENTIM ist für MySpace die erste Partnerschaft dieser Art weltweit.

Die im SDAX notierte CTS EVENTIM AG (ISIN DE 0005470306) ist Europas Marktführer beim Ticketing und
zugleich einer der führenden Anbieter von Live-Entertainment. Über Systeme der EVENTIM-Gruppe werden jähr-
lich mehr als 70 Mio. Tickets für weit über 100.000 Veranstaltungen vermarktet. Neben den europaweit mehr als
8.000 stationären Vorverkaufspunkten gewinnt der Vertrieb über das Internet immer mehr an Bedeutung, insbe-
sondere über die Portale und

Für weitere Informationen:
Engel & Zimmermann AG, Agentur für Wirtschaftskommunikation
Hermann Zimmermann, Dr. Alexander Baer Tel. (0 89) 89 35 63 3

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