New: Virtual signature session with Jennifer Rostock

Hamburg - this week we announced a new virtual signature session with Jennifer Rostock on > Jennifer is a great artist which is really open minded, she really knows how to use the internet. This time we even have a nice intro from Jennifer. The real autograph session will start on Wednesday the 29th's of August.

Jennifer Rostock virtual signature introduction & email alert >here

Our virtual signature is a good case to describe what is happening within the music industry, while some artists, especially managers, describe the tool as honour-less and nonsense, other artists used it to distribute up to 10,000 autographs to fans. It is really not easy to introduce new formats into this industry. An area where creativity and inventions should be daily practice acts unfortunately only within the very old business cases of the existing management. Neverthelesss we are really happy that slowly more & more artists are becoming open minded to new formats.

Some older complete virtual sessions >here

The virtual autograph session was developed by the Internet service agency >

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