New: Musicload & Eventim Cooperation

In the end of 2009 Musicload & Eventim teamed up for the ticket distribution. From now on Musicload sells tickets at

There is a new main navigation link "Events & Tickets" and someday all available tickets will be linked to the download shop of every artist.

I always ask myself why well known shops like Musicload have so much advertisement on the homepage, even for goat cheese. Does this mean that the normal shopper does not really use the homepage and goes straight to download? Or do they need every paid impression/click because the download business is not going well? Which would be an interesting business model to run quite considerable media campaigns in tv & print to sell the costly (media conversion) traffic for some impressions on your homepage? Anyway it is not easy theses days if you intend to earn money in selling albums, without hardware (apple) or crosselling (amazon)...

Internetword News >here
Eventim News >here

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