New: Wacken open Air 09 Livestreaming Part II

Bremen - The Wacken open air festival has already started, everybody who was using the northern Germany public transportation, could experience black haired, heavy leather fitted, from 15 to 50 years old, dangerous looking fans. All with one very common attribute: very nice and handsome people!

Still there are some very convincing advantages to choose the Livestreaming: tickets sold out, swine flu, heavy rain! So enjoy today's running order at our virtual stage (14:00h UPDATE):
11.00 Napalm Death
11.40 Vreid
13.20 Endstille
14.00 Scarred
14.15 Gamma Ray
15.15 Showase ETHS
15.30 Walls of Jericho
16:45 Nevermore
18.25 Callejon
18.55 Bring me to the Horizon
19.35 Hammerfall
20.30 Coheed and Cambria
21.30 Nervecell
21.55 Silence means Death
22.25 Insidious Disease
23.15 Epica
00.15 Tristania
00.45 Doro
02:00 Amon Amarthh
If you don't want to buy a ticket straight away, there is 15min preview for free.

To everybody who will read my blog (the crowd is well arranged) I have a nice highlight, some true Livestreaming Ticket Code. Please notice the codes will be invalid, once there are used, so the early metallhead gets it:
- X2ZM8974
- U9ZRV9Y1

> Livestraming Tickets/Codes are available at via print@home tickets >here
> The entrance and registration to the Livestreaming >here

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