How our new FanTicket brings back the fan culture of the 80s

Berlin: We recently rolled out a new ticketing feature in the German market: the online FanTicket. The launch of this top project in 2012 was extremely successful. Having sold more than 1 million FanTickets within two months we think we will dramatically change the experience of buying and owning a ticket for the Eventim customers.

The FanTicket is an real ticket (“soft ticket”, no print, digital, etc.) which encompasses a high quality picture print. Each event picture - no matter what scale the event is - can be printed on it. This adds the opportunity to combine the tour artwork of the artist with a unique ticket experience. From my perspective his is one of the key USPs as the customer is the one paying for it.

We introduced a special printer for this kind of ticket. It is quite bulky, way more expensive and has to be deeply integrated into the e-business shopping process. Hence we have to sell the FanTicket via online . It is printed in realtime as an individual ticket right after the purchase and will be delvered in the same speed as any other ticket.

Artists and promoters are very excited about the new possibilities. Hence we were able to offer a broad range of events right after introducing the new system.

We are very proud of the whole fulfillment team: It was able to install this extremely complex setup within a short amount of time. The complete business workflow including arranging, selling and delivering the tickets has been updated nearly within every part of the company.

From my point of view the project is great from a diversity of perspectives:
  • Customers get what they pay for: A real emotional feedback for their money.
  • Artists get closer to the end user: Their artwork can be posted on the refrigerator at home.
  • Online purchases convert into real time printing: Online products are finally back in real life as a touchable, non-digital version.

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