Feb 25, 2010

Review: Livestreaming Fettes Brot

Hamburg: The livestreaming of the German band "Fettes Brot" was presented by T-Mobile Street Gigs. Broadcasted and/or promoted by Fettes Brot, Spreeblick (excellent Berlin blog), EVENTIM and, of course, TEMPODOME, which managed the livestreaming & interactive playout. Parallel at least 4 radio stations (Radio Fritz, Bremen 4, N-JOY, DASDING) were broadcasting the event. Later on the show will be presented on prosieben TV channel on the 12th of March as well.

Fettes Brot are great entertainers, they have become professional but still with a lot of spontaneous creativity. In short the show was well made, varied, intoxicating and brainy.
But this time I argue that the live live atmosphere insight the Berlin Funkhaus was moderate compared to the fun of the thousands of users who watched the livestreaming. As you may have noticed I'm quite convinced of the Berlin residents, so I have no local reasons... Maybe the "Freundeszähler" generation starts adapting to the virtual live entertainment?

T-Mobile Street Gigs >here
Fettes Brot >here
Spreeblick.de >here
TEMPODOME.com >here
RollingStone >here

Feb 22, 2010

Ad hoc: EVETIM Double-digit growth despite crisis

Hamburg: CTS EVENTIM AG, just released some preliminary figures concerning the business year 2009. Once again the internet business is growing well and provides a fundamental contribution to the total perfomance of the group:
- 303 million Visitors (2008: 232 million)
- 13,4 million sold Tickets (2008: 9,6 million)
- 152.5 million EUR revenue (2008: 120.1 million)
In combination with the internationalisation, this performance provides a solid base for future improvement in revenue and earnings.

- English Ad hoc PDF

- German Ad hoc PDF >here

News: EVENTIM Google Chrome extension

Bremen: eventim.de just launched the first Google Chrome ticketing extension. The Chrome plugin will present appropriate events regarding to the context of the current visited website. It is a simple quite fast plugin, in the first step myspace is supported, more websites will follow.
The browser war has become much more exciting, especial since we all know that big client based operating systems will have hard times in the longterm future. I wonder how this might effect the ticketig business?

EVENTIM Chrome extension >here

Feb 20, 2010

New: Fettes Brot Livestreaming with T-Mobile Street Gigs and EVENTIM

Hamburg: Good news Bettina, T-Mobile Street Gigs & EVENTIM are proud to present the Livestreaming of the German hip hop band FETTES BROT on the 24th of February at 21:15 German time. The actual streaming & will be managed by tempodome.com including the interactive LivePlayer.

Get the Livestreaming Email Alarm @EVENTIM or just drop in in the right time
>here. But please... get something on.